Sergey, the complete story

Sergey got his bag of Nesquik on Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade.

Sergey Belous, a Ukrainian citizen from Kharkov was kidnapped by in Ukraine by Ukrainian forces while doing his job as a journalist. He thought he was going to be shot and killed, but after international pressure, he was released. Now he is giving his first interview as a free man …

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Sergey: Ukrainians took us

In the press conference, Sergey excused himself for not being properly dressed. The Ukrainian kidnappers had stripped him of his clothes.

In a press conference on Aug. 6, Sergey Belous confirmed that pro-government Ukrainian forces kidnapped him and his two colleagues Roman Gnatyuk and Sergey Boyko. Thank you very much to Rachel Ruvarac for an English transcript. Even if Sergey does not blame the entire Ukrainian army, we know that the …

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