Analyzing Sonja Biserko’s network

Sonja Biserko of the Serbian Helsinki Committee is not a popular woman in Serbia, but she has a very powerful and influential network. Most informatively, she recently let that list slip out in open email messages. I already sent a greeting to friends of Sonja Biserko, and now in this article, I analyze 141 of 142 recipients on her email list.  Continue reading

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Greetings to friends of Sonja Biserko

I am grateful to Sonja Biserko because she provided me with email addresses for influential people with an interest in the Balkans and Kosovo. I hope these are people interested in a balanced view of the Kosovo war.

На српском, ФБ Репортер, Кристијан Каш против фалсификовања историје на Косову. I ended up on the mailing list of Sonja Biserko of the Helsinki Committee, and since she has an open address list with prominent people like Doris Pack, Tim Judah, Wolfgang Petritsch, John Clint Williamson and 138 other well-known opinion leaders, I decided to send them the …

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