Email to Ukrainian embassies


There is no doubt that the Ukrainian government is responsible for the kidnapping of journalists in Ukraine. Here is an email I just sent to the Ukrainian embassies in Oslo, London, Washington D.C., Zagreb and Belgrade.

Sergey: Ukrainians took us

In the press conference, Sergey excused himself for not being properly dressed. The Ukrainian kidnappers had stripped him of his clothes.

In a press conference on Aug. 6, Sergey Belous confirmed that pro-government Ukrainian forces kidnapped him and his two colleagues Roman Gnatyuk and Sergey Boyko. Thank you very much to Rachel Ruvarac for an English transcript. Even if Sergey does not blame the entire Ukrainian army, we know that the …

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Witness needed, Jovan Lukić, where are you? Потребан нам је сведок. Јоване Лукићу, где се налазите?

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In English below. Ових дана много времена проводим поредећи листе људи који су убијени, киднаповани или су нестали на Косову. Јован Лукић је важан сведок да су многи људи мучени и убијени у Главном штабу ОВК у Малишеву, зато бих сада желео да разговарам с њим и добијем изјаву очевица. …

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OSCE spies in Ukraine?

Could it be the case that Colonel Axel Schneider works for the German Bundesnachrichtendienst in addition to being an OSCE observer? See a reportage in the main Norwegian news on April 26.

Western journalists and politicians are quick to ridicule claims that Western spies operate in Ukraine under the guise of being observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). However, this has happened before, in the Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) 1998-99.