Dear Mainstream Media

Thank you very much to Paul Joseph Watson for his excellent and eloquent videos. His latest video, which I think will be a viral one, exposes the media biases with the mainstream media when they pretend to be neutral.

Before I proceed, please spend eight and a half minutes of enjoyment:

And thank you to Julian Assange for letting us know about the enormous collusion with main stream media outlets. Lately, I feel that I have gotten to know John Podesta, and I have sent him a few emails. Based on the video above, Paul Joseph inspired me to write the following email tonight:

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: Fwd: Hillary ad
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 00:56:31 +0200
From: Kristian Kahrs <>
CC: Michael Kives <>, Huma Abedin <>, <>, Robby Mook <>,,
Follow Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. He is a very engaging man.

Follow Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. He is a very engaging man. I have a feeling his latest video will go viral.

Dear Louise

It is so nice to get to know me through my old friend John, a man I’ve known since the extraordinary Julian released some emails. I am so happy that you pretend to be a conservative but still write this charming letter to get onboard with Hillary. You are such a wonderful woman, and this is truly inspirational, aspirational, and the kind of riff we really need so that the whole world would know that there are really no principles left. At least I am happy that you and Hillary are both women so that you can find a sisterly bond. You can pretend that you are a conservative and at the same time go for the progressive, or was it moderate Hillary? It is so difficult to know how she defines her self these days with her private and public stands…. Hopefully you will be able to give her support if she has Parkinson’s seizures, and maybe you could help her not to start a big war and take money from her close Sharia friends in the Middle East?

Oh, did you see the splendid video Paul Joseph wrote about you? Dear Mainstream Media 🙂

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I’d love to meet you and Peter for a nice cup of tea, one of these days



See the original email here.

And a little update: I am very happy that Louise actually responded to my tweet, although I am not sure that I will be invited for tea with Louise and her husband Peter 🙂

It is amazing that the media does not follow up on all the scandals and collusion with the press that we can see in the Wikileaks emails. Third batch of Podesta-emails analysis from Stefan Molyneux. You can read previous videos in my article Hillary’s willing media partners.

And it must be embarrassing to be a supporter of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton when Donna Brazile is not able to explain how she passed on CNN debate questions ahead of the debate, and she is not able to apologize for the Project Veritas Action revelations of election fraud, manipulation and violence against political opponents.