NATO exit with Hillary

If Hillary Clinton wins on Nov. 8, I will advocate for Norway to exit NATO immediately, but a Donald J. Trump presidency could save the alliance.

NATO will be a very dangerous organization if Hillary Clinton becomes the next commander-in-chief, and if that happens, Norway should leave NATO.

NATO will be a very dangerous organization if Hillary Clinton becomes the next commander-in-chief, and if that happens, Norway should leave NATO immediately.

There can be no doubt that we have never had a US presidential candidate more eager to create war and havoc around the world, and in my article World War 3 with Hillary, I have provided solid sources for Clinton’s warmonger policies. She has openly threatened Russia with a military response to alleged and unproven allegations that the Russian state has been behind the leaked DNC emails.

Since I want public with my apology to the Serbian people as a former NATO officer in Kosovo on March 24, 2011, I’ve had an ambivalent relationship to NATO. While sceptical about the interventionist and aggressive policies  in North Africa and the Middle East and the rest of the world, I’ve maintained that we need the alliance to protect Norwegian strategic interests in the Arctic.

However, the real threat against Norwegian strategic interests does not originate from Russia; the mass migration from Islamic cultures is the real threat. NATO politicians undermine national security when they say that Islam is the religion of peace and that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. If NATO cannot be ideologically clear that our Western democracies are morally superior to totalitarian ideologies, for instants presented in classical Islam, NATO does not serve its purpose.

Many of you are aware that I am engaged in politics in Norway. At the moment I am the foreign policy coordinator and county leader in Sør-Trøndelag for the national conservative party Democrats in Norway, a part of a proud European tradition of parties like the Danish People’s Party, the Sweden Democrats, UKIP, Front National, the Austrian Freedom Party, Alternative für Deutschland and other European parties skeptical of the EU and globalism in general.

The current party platform is that we support Norway’s NATO membership, but I am confident that the party will see the that a Clinton presidency will undermine our security. However, if I win the nomination from Sør-Trøndelag for the 2017 Norwegian parliamentary election in September next year, I will be a member of parliament to propose a Norwegian NATO exit with Hillary Clinton as the president of the United States

In the mainstream media we see that virtually all opinion polls suggest a Clinton victory, but I hope the Rasmussen polls are more accurate, and I hope we will see a Brexit-effect in the US. We’ve seen that Trump attracts thousands of supporters on his rallies while Clinton has to con supporters to come to her events.

I hope NATO and Russia will be solid partners in fighting Islamic and other types of terrorism, but there is also a danger that Trump will be dominated by the GOP neocon establishment. We would also have to keep Trump accountable so that he can be a president for a peaceful world, and the GOP warmongers are just as dangerous as Clinton.

They represent the same globalist and anti-democratic policies, and the close family ties between the Bush and Clinton dynasties are very troubling. Both families are equally bad when it comes to their aggressive wars to destroy other counties.

We have also seen that there has been a couple of incorrect stories where Trump has followed in my footsteps in giving an apology to the Serbian people. Unfortunately, this has been wishful thinking from Serbians, but I hope President Donald J. Trump will realize the crimes of Bill Clinton and NATO when they waged war against Yugoslavia.

When it comes to international relations, I am a realist, and I take a lot of inspiration from scholars like John Mearsheimer and Stephen Cohen. In my article Ukrainian Chronicles I have also presented some of their views why the current confrontational US and Western policies could be disastrous for world peace. In a recent video from RT’s Worlds Apart, Dr. Mearsheimer gives very good explanations of the Western/Russian relationship. I completely agree, and RT writes the following in the description of the video:

Security has long been recognized as the paramount concern for great powers but there is hardly a pair of countries with more conflicting security outlooks than Russia and the United States. Having indirectly clashed over Syria and Ukraine, can the two finally learn to manage their differences in a way that will not put others at risk? To discuss this, Oksana Boyko is joined by John Mearsheimer, professor of political science, co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago and expert speaker at the Valdai Discussion Club.

But no matters who will become the next US president, the fight for our national democracies against anti-democratic globalism will continue. No matter what happens, the world will never be the same, and a populist uprising has started all over the world.