Funny propaganda video

A wonderful propaganda video. Some Albanians think it is funny, but I do not think they intended this video to be funny...

A friend told me about a video he thought was funny about Albanians thanking USA for the war against Yugoslavia. I’d say tragicomic…. But hang on, I will also share a happy video from Kosovska Mitrovica 🙂

OSCE spies in Ukraine?

Could it be the case that Colonel Axel Schneider works for the German Bundesnachrichtendienst in addition to being an OSCE observer? See a reportage in the main Norwegian news on April 26.

Western journalists and politicians are quick to ridicule claims that Western spies operate in Ukraine under the guise of being observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). However, this has happened before, in the Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) 1998-99.

Impact in NATO countries

This weekend, I had the chance to speak at the conference “Global peace vs. global interventionism and imperialism” organized by the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, led by Živadin Jovanović who was the Yugoslav minister of foreign affairs when NATO when to war against Yugoslavia in 1999. For …

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Victims of the Kosovo war

In Western media, a common misconception is that Serbian security structures killed Albanian civilians indiscriminately before Norway and the other NATO countries started the war against Yugoslavia. However, a careful review of who was killed and why shows a different picture. We need a comprehensive and as much as possible …

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Success against Croatian revisionism

English below. Хвала најлепше SRBfbreporter за превод. Група Срба са српским пријатељима Норвежанима направила прави подвиг! Још једна победа истине о Србима! Kristian Kahrs: Драго ми је да вас обавестим да смо освојили потпуну победу над хрватским историјским ревизионистима, када је реч о југословенским партизанима у норвешким логорима. У прилогу је …

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