Косово је срце Србије

Као што можда знате, ја сам парламентарни кандидат Демократа и члан централног одбора ове странке. Ако будем изабран, предложитћу повлачење норвешког признање Косова и заменити амбасадора Норвешке у Приштини отправником послова.

Браћо и сестре, Помаже Бог! English below. Косово је срце Србије, да, могу то са сигурношћу да кажем, Косово је срце Србије! Драго ми је што могу да објавим да моја странка, Демократе у Норвешкој, која ће бити у трци на норвешким парламентарним изборима у септембру, не подржава рат НАТО …

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Guest with Milan Milenković

I had the honor of being a guest with Milan Milenkоvić. We had a very interesting talk.

English below. Данас сам имао част да гостујем и причам у радио емисији код Милана Миленковића. Било ми је задовољство да носим своју мајицу Хилари за затвор 2016. Причали смо сат и по о борби против глобализма, Косову и Метохији и парламентарним изборима у Норвешкој где сам кандидат и још …

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Emergency message

“The problem isn't that Hillary is an unethical, corrupt, lying, criminal dirtbag - everyone knows that. The problem is that her supporters don't care,” eloquently shared by Paul Joseph Watson.

Nothing is more important for world peace than to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming the commander in chief. Last night I sent an email to everyone on my address list, and of course I lost some friends, as expected, maybe because I am a racist and a deplorable…. More about …

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NATO exit with Hillary

NATO will be a very dangerous organization if Hillary Clinton becomes the next commander-in-chief, and if that happens, Norway should leave NATO.

If Hillary Clinton wins on Nov. 8, I will advocate for Norway to exit NATO immediately, but a Donald J. Trump presidency could save the alliance. There can be no doubt that we have never had a US presidential candidate more eager to create war and havoc around the world, and in …

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Dear Mainstream Media

Follow Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. He is a very engaging man.

Thank you very much to Paul Joseph Watson for his excellent and eloquent videos. His latest video, which I think will be a viral one, exposes the media biases with the mainstream media when they pretend to be neutral. Before I proceed, please spend eight and a half minutes of enjoyment: …

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World War 3 with Hillary

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Dear friends, especially my dear American friends who can vote in the US election. I know  you might thing I am a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist, but if Hillary Clinton is elected, we could see a third world war. I have dedicated this article to the video from the very …

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