Witnesses needed from Gazimestan

Preparing for a class action lawsuit against the Kosovo Police (KP) for discrimination and harassment of Serbs at the Gazimestan monument on June 28, I am calling all witnesses and victims of mistreatment from KP on this day. Everyone who had their property confiscated or experienced brutal behavior from the …

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An appeal on my conviction has been delivered

English below. 10 јула сам био у Приштини да предам жалбу на пресуду. Захвалан сам Обраду Кесићу, мом адвокату Богдану Владисављевићу и његовом сину, студенту права Југославу Владисављевићу, за сверсдну помоћ у писању жалбе. Видећемо шта ће урадити Косовска полиција када ће бити покренута групна тужба свих жртава насиља против …

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Arrested, charged and convicted

According to the Republic of Kosovo, I am now a convicted criminal after I tried to get answers from the Kosovo Police after their discrimination and harassment. They decided that I had my microphone too close to them and accusing them of not doing their job.

Sorry, Serbia

This is the preliminary foreword and table of contents for my book, Sorry Serbia,  In Norway, I have a contract with Luther Publishing, and the plan is that it will be published in 2014. It will be available in Norwegian, Serbian and hopefully in English if I can find a …

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