Guest with Milan Milenković

I had the honor of being a guest with Milan Milenkоvić. We had a very interesting talk.

English below. Данас сам имао част да гостујем и причам у радио емисији код Милана Миленковића. Било ми је задовољство да носим своју мајицу Хилари за затвор 2016. Причали смо сат и по о борби против глобализма, Косову и Метохији и парламентарним изборима у Норвешкој где сам кандидат и још …

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Good intentions gone bad

Tihomir Kukolja is the director of Renewing Our Mind, and he has a political ambition to pressure Europe to accept thousands of migrants.

Tihomir Kukolja, the director of the reconciliation program Renewing Our Minds, has many good intentions when he and his friends give assistance to migrants in Serbia and Croatia from the Middle East, but unfortunately, these apostles of good deeds have not understood that their effort is actually helping human traffickers …

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Funny propaganda video

A wonderful propaganda video. Some Albanians think it is funny, but I do not think they intended this video to be funny...

A friend told me about a video he thought was funny about Albanians thanking USA for the war against Yugoslavia. I’d say tragicomic…. But hang on, I will also share a happy video from Kosovska Mitrovica 🙂