Kristian Kahrs
Born on Feb. 2, 1972


May 2015 – Politics: Engaged in the strategic leadership of the Democrats in Norway as a central board member, formerly foreign policy coordinator head of information. Good experience in strategic communication and building a national organization from scratch. The Democrats is a national conservative party with inspiration from the Danish People’s Party, the Swedish Democrats, UKIP, Front National, the Austrian Freedom Party, Alternative für Deutschland and other European parties skeptical of the EU and globalism in general. County leader for the Democrats in Sør-Trøndelag and first candidate for the parliamentary election on Sept. 11, 2017.
Sept 2000 – Dec 2003
Oct 2004 – May 2007
Dec 2007 –
Journalist: Working as a freelance journalist in Southeastern Europe with a home base in Belgrade for international and Norwegian media. Good operational experience from the conflicts in the area. Publications include leading Norwegian newspapers like Dagbladet, Verdens Gang, Aftenposten and Nettavisen and the American magazine Christianity Today (Follow the links to clips. Please make sure you have a fast internet connection for Aftenposten because it is a large file, 1 GB file)
June 2007 – Nov 2007 Editor-in-Chief: Worked as the editor-in-chief for the magazine Norway Exports. Responsible for the content and planning of the issues Defence, Security & Space Technology, Energy & Environmental Technology, Shipping and Oil & Gas in addition to maritime language editions in Russian, Portuguese og Chinese. Established and maintained good relations to industry leaders, ministries and governmental bodies.
Aug 2004 – June 2007 Writer: Presented Norwegian industry internationally for Norway Exports, a magazine published in cooperation with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norway Exports covers a wide range of industries with a main emphasis on shipping petroleum and R&D.
Summer 2004/5 Project manager: Initiated a friendship and reconciliation camp for Serbian and Albanian students in Montenegro. The Norwegian government funded the camp through The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norad. With the camps, we opened up an important channel of communication between Serbians and Albanians, and in 2005, there were 184 students from Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Norway. The job included responsibility for the finances and to be a part of the project management.
Feb 2003 – May 2003
April 2004 – Oct 2004
Journalist: While living in Norway, covering international news from Norway to the rest of the world for The Associated Press. Clips from my time in the AP available in one of my newsletters, and one of the big stories lately was the robbery of The Scream, the masterpiece of Edvard Munch.Published on a regular basis in newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post.
Dec 2001 – April 2002 Journalist: Worked as a freelance journalist in the area of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to report on the situation for international and Norwegian media. Covered matters of religious freedom and women’s rights for the Christianity Today magazine. Take photos in addition to writing.
Jan – July 2000 Internet Editor for KFOR Online, the official website of KFOR, the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo. Started a news service with over 130,000
hits on a daily basis. Served as a major in the international media staff with officers from 14 other nations. For clips from my time as an editor, click here. My evaluation from KFOR is also available.
July 1997 – Dec 1999  Journalist: Worked as a sports stringer for The Associated Press. Covered international sports from Norway to the rest of the world. Helped with general news when needed.
1998 – 2000 Journalist: Editor of Storsalen Online, the online magazine for Storsalen, a church in Oslo. Frequently updated with news, and clips (in Norwegian) are available here.
1994 – 1997 Journalist: Worked with The Column, the student newspaper at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Minn. Wrote national and international news and became the sports editor the last year. Used to hard work and long hours.
Summer 1996 Journalist: Worked as a journalist in Trønderbladet, a community newspaper in Norway. Had between two and three articles published three times a week.
Summer 1995 Journalist: Traveled to Crimea in the Black Sea to cover the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Summer 1994 Journalist: Traveled in Serbia, the republic of Macedonia and Greece to cover the conflict between the Greek Macedonians and the Slavic Macedonians.
1993 – 1994 Journalist: Had a six month writing internship in the fifth largest newspaper by circulation in Norway, Adresseavisen. Published regularly. Was placed in the news division but had experience in the sports and culture divisions as
1991 – 1992 Soldier: Served as an infantry soldier in the Norwegian army at the northernmost infantry battalion in the world, Porsanger, 70 degrees north.


1994 – 1997 Graduate of University of Northwestern – St. Paul, May 1997. Double major in Communication/ Journalism and History. GPA 3.5.
1992 – 1993 Student at a journalism college in Norway, Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication. Learned the basics of journalism and became familiar with tempo and deadline pressure.

Languages: A native Norwegian with professional knowledge of English, both orally and written. Speaking sufficient Serbian to give interviews with Serbian media, for instants here. Also speaking conversational German and understand Danish and Swedish very well.