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Only Kristian Kahrs

Here, you will see pictures where I am involved. In general, you will find the most recent pictures on the top, and on most pictures, you will find a caption. I have collected everything from our first family picture from 1972 through my first crush in first grade to more recent pictures.

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Serbia – Balkan Beauty, One American’s Perspective

After a long preparation, the American art photographer Wesley Channell could finally open up the exhibition Serbia – Balkan Beauty, One American’s Perspective

Countering all the negative news from Serbia, Wesley wants Serbs to realize all the beauty in their country.

Rakija – touring Serbia – 11th-16th Sept. 2010

The Norwegian-Serbian band Rakija had their first tour in Serbia from Sept. 11 to Sept 16. See more on


FCK-RBK CL Playoff

Rosenborg had the chance to reach the UEFA Champions League, but FCK from Copenhagen stopped us. The FCK supporters created a wonderful and loud atmosphere, but fortunately the Rosenborg supporters in Kjernen or The Core in English are also dedicated supporters! I’m proud to be part of them!


Serbia-Norway Business Forum

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce invited Norwegian companies to take part in a business forum on May 4, 2010, and I was helping them to organize the event and invite Norwegian companies. The biggest foreign investor in Serbia, Norwegian Telenor and the industry pioneer Rapp Marine shared their experiences about doing business in Serbia, very useful insight. For a complete program and list of companies present, please take a look at the pages of the Serbian Embassy in Oslo. The first pictures in the album are from a reception in the Serbian embassy on May 3, 2010.

Easter Sunday at the International Christian Fellowship

Celebrating the resurrection at the International Christian Fellowship in Belgrade. We have many young families, and the number of babies and toddlers is quite high!


International Christian Fellowship Belgrade

Every Sunday, internationals gather for church in the Zira Hotel near Vukov Spomenik in Belgrade at 10 a.m. But it is important to come a bit before and don’t leave immediately after the service. The social fellowship is also an important part of church.


Removing a gallbladder

I had the pleasure of being present in the operating room of the private hospital Klinika Impuls in Belgrade. It it totally amazing what surgeons can do with modern technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, they are able to perform endoscopic keyhole surgery with a crystal clear image of the inside of the body on a monitor. And the end result was a gallbladder with three stones. This was just like watching ER or Chicago Hope, except these guys didn’t play rock music during the operation….


Višegrad 2009

The city of Višegrad is important to understand the history in the Balkans. For those interested in understanding more, The bridge on the Drina written by Ivo Adric is an excellent place to start.


Lara’s second birthday

My very good friend Lara Petrovski celebrated her second birthday on Dec. 8, 2009. She is teaching me a lot of Serbian, and someone taught her that I am actually living on my scooter.(Samuil, how did she learn this?) I’m adding a some new pictures from August 2010 to this album when Lara was actually sitting on my scooter. (No, mummy Nada, the scooter was NOT moving….)


Kristian 29+8

I invited my friends to celebrate my birthday in the Glasnik cafe in the center of Belgrade two days early on Jan. 31, 2009. Thus, I’ve been celebrating my 29th birthday for the last eight years….

And thank you very much to my good friend Zdenka Stupar and her family who gave me a wonderful chocolate cake from a Slovak village near Novi Sad for my birthday. It did not only contain 1 egg; it had 40!!!


Junior high school reunion after 20 years….

This is how it looked like when we met again after 20 years. We graduated from Klæbu ungdomsskole (junior high school) in 1988, and in the Christmas of 2008 we met again. Luckily I had brought the class picture from 1988 to see if I could recognize my classmates. Some of them I could recognize with ease; others had changed completely…..


Lara Petrovski, her first year

My good friends Samuil and Nada Petrovski got their first daughter Lara one year ago on Dec. 8, 2007. Here are some pictures from her first year.


Tehran, December 2001

In 2001, my business as a foreign journalist in the Balkans was totally destroyed by friend Osama bin Laden when he crashed a couple of planes into the WTC. So I had to go and look for Osama. In Tehran, Iran, I didn’t find Osama, but a lot of good natured people.